Technogel, a brand of Sirca S.p.A., is a leader in the technological resin and gelcoat sectors, with excellent results in the marine, automotive and sanitary ware industries.

With a constant commitment to research, Technogel offers to its customers cutting-edge technological solutions. State-of-the art plant enables production to achieve exceptionally high quality levels in terms of both target results and consistency of characteristics over time.

Technogel distributes unsaturated polyester resins for use in the “technological” sector, where it has gained an excellent reputation for quality and service, from haute couture buttons to boatbuilding, sanitary fittings and insulated light commercial vehicles.

Technogel also distributes gelcoats, fillers, mastics, pigment pastes and bonders for use in the “technological” sector, where it has gained an excellent reputation for quality and service, from swimming pools to boatbuilding, sanitary ware, artistic and decorative artefacts and automotive components.

Technogel: Resins and Gelcoats, Pigment Pastes and Adhesives


Technogel brand products include a wide range of resins, gelcoats, mastics and bonders, pigment pastes and special resins for the composites sector. Technogel offers application systems such as the Easymould System, for mould production, and the Firecare System of products with high self-extinguishing characteristics. It also sells high quality, high-performance complementary products such as catalysts, accelerators, promotors, inhibitors, retouch solutions and mould release agents.

Technogel resins


Technogel gelcoats


Technogel adhesives


Technogel pigment pastes


Technogel complementary products



Resins and gelcoats are fundamental in a wide range of manufacturing sectors, playing a key role in the creation of durable, attractive products that meet environmental challenges. Their versatility makes them central to a variety of applications, underlining their importance in the production of high quality articles.


The methods used to apply resins play a crucial role in the manufacture of state-of-the-art products which provide versatile, durable solutions in a vast range of industrial sectors. Their correct application is fundamental for guaranteeing not only structural strength but also an impeccable finishing.





Colour Passion enables the formulation, correction and control of gelcoats of various typesPigment pastes can be used to   create bespoke pigmented gelcoats.

The Colour Passion tintometric system is completed by the TECHNOTINT converters, neutral or white and available with Iso and Iso-NPG base.

The system is designed to enable the distributor or final customer to reproduce a vast range of colours quickly with a high level of precision and repeatability.


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Firecare is a state-of-the-art line of self-extinguishing resins completely free from halogens and antimony, with chemical and physical characteristics suitable for application by brush, spraying or RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding). Firecare delivers high flame retardance with low fume toxicity.


Resins and Gelcoats with certified sustainability and primary fossil component as low as 30%  to safeguard workers and the environment. Highly hazardous substances are reduced with the same reactivity, general performance and use characteristics as conventional products. 

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