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Technogel is an established leader in the composites sector, producing resins, gelcoats, mastics and pigment pastes. The company specialises in the production of technological solutions for the marine, automotive and furnishing industries. Technogel products offer outstanding quality and performance and are popular with customers all over the world. Explore all the Technogel solutions for composites, resins, gelcoats, mastics and pigment pastes.


Technogel brand products include a wide range of resins, gelcoat, mastics and bonders, pigmented pastes and special resins, intended for the composites sector. Technogel offers application systems such as Easymould System dedicated to the production of moulds, and Firecare System including products with high self-extinguishing characteristics. Furthermore, accessory products such as catalysts, accelerators, promoters, inhibitors, touch-up solutions and mould release agents are sold, characterized by high quality and performances.

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