The system is designed to enable the distributor or final customer to reproduce a vast range of colours quickly with a high level of precision and repeatability. Available with Iso and Iso-NPG base. The colours shown are guideline and may vary depending on application conditions. 

Converters, additives and pigment pastes

Our system is a state-of-the-art solution enabling distributors and final customers to create a vast range of colours quickly, precisely and with excellent repeatability. Using Iso and Iso-NPG converters, it guarantees uniformity and reliability when mixing colours. Whether for industrial, automotive or artistic applications, this system offers outstanding versatility to meet each sector’s needs.

Its reliability and precision make it an ideal choice for achieving consistent, high quality colour results. Moreover, its unrivalled flexibility enables complete customisation of the colours required.

Pigment pastes

Pigment pastes are colouring concentrates for addition to a converter. This system provides customised gelcoat colour combined with precise application and an immaculate appearance.

The colours shown are purely guideline and the “blend” column indicates the shade obtained when a pigment is mixed with the white paste.

HBN015T White
HNR000T Black
HMR015T Brown
HMR850T Brown
HGL019T Yellow
HGL020T Yellow
HGL028T Yellow
HGL833T Yellow
HRS030T Red
HVL012T Purple
HVL012T Purple
HAR009T Orange
HVR012T Green
HBL000T Blue
HBL006T Blue

Converters and

H52E9106SZ/PZ White Iso base
H52E0002SZ/PZ Neutral Iso base
H58E9106SZ/PZ White Iso-NPG base
H58E0002SZ/PZ Neutral Iso-NPG base
HAXT Accelerator paste
HPXT Paraffin paste

Equipment and

9LAB0296/PZ Evopwr tintometer
9LAB0283/PZ Chromashop Full software
9LAB0262/PZ Gyro mixer