Technogel produces and formulates orthophthalic, isophthalic, Iso-NPG, DCPD and vinylester resins. These formulations enable the production of a vast range of products to high quality standards. These resins are widely used in applications such as the production of marine components, recreational vehicles, industrial piping and many other articles. Since the resins are so diversified, they are able to meet specific needs in terms of strength, flexibility and chemical resistance in a variety of sectors, helping to achieve excellent results in applications where fiberglass is fundamental.

Products – Intended Use


Button resins

Button resins. Button resins are versatile materials used for the manufacture of garment buttons. These colourless resins can be coloured to requirements, providing a vast range of [...]


Mould resins

Mould resins. Resins designed for mould production are easily applied, ready-to-use solutions. They are ideal for the rapid creation of high quality moulds and thus for reducing [...]

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