Product or production system certifications guarantee compliance with quality and safety standards. They prove that a product conforms to strict requirements and regulations, enabling end users to count on optimal performance and reliability. Certifications help to consolidate consumer trust and promote product quality.

Resin and gelcoat certifications

Technogel resins and gelcoats are subject to rigorous quality standards. Certifications, issued by national or international bodies, confirm compliance with requirements and guarantee safety and quality. These documents represent added value in the composites industry by ensuring that products meet specific standards.


Technogel has always produced high quality products developed specifically for the marine sector. Its range therefore includes a full assortment of products with Lloyd’s Register certification, of different chemical types and with varying technologies of use. 

HA164TAX Thix orthophthalic polyester resin General purpose
HA184TPR Thix orthophthalic polyester resin Marine
HA165TAX Thix orthophthalic polyester resin Marine
HA165TAEX Thix orthophthalic polyester resin Marine
HN306TA Thix isophthalic polyester resin Marine
HN306TAZ Thix isophthalic polyester resin Marine
HN380TA Thix isophthalic polyester resin Marine
HN380TAX Thix isophthalic polyester resin Marine
HN800TA31 Thix modified vinylester resin Marine
HQ306A Isophthalic polyester resin RTM – Infusion
HQ800A Modified vinylester resin RTM – Infusion

ISCC Plus (Sustainability)

ISCC Plus certification is a voluntary scheme applicable to the bio-economy and the circular economy for foods, animal feedstuffs, chemicals, plastics, packaging, textiles and renewable raw materials derived from a process that uses renewable energy sources. Sirca S.p.A., which holds this certificate, supports the transition to a circular economy by using up to 30% di recycled material, allocated by the mass balance method. Technogel, a brand of Sirca S.p.A., offers the following products developed in ISCC Plus compliant version:

HYA164TAX Thix orthophthalic polyester resin Techno-G
HYA703TAX Thix ortho-DCPD polyester resin Techno-G
HYN380TA Thix isophthalic polyester resin Techno-G
HYN800TA Thix vinylester resin Techno-G
HYQ800A Vinylester resin for infusion Techno-G
HY02 series Thix isophthalic polyester gelcoat Techno-G


Firecare products are tested in accordance with the European regulations in force in the various sectors of application. For the marine sector in particular, it has received certification under Directive 2014/90/EU of 23rd July 2014 and Regulation (EU) 2018/773 of 15th May 2018 Annex B, Module B, paras 3.18a – MED 3.18c, relating to the following application cycle:

Firecare System R930A Resin and H07 series Gelcoat Firecare