High-performance gelcoat – Iso-NPG.

An Iso-NPG resin-base gelcoat particularly suitable for producing articles which require excellent weather resistance, low degree of yellowing, minimal gloss reduction and excellent resistance to osmosis. It is therefore suitable for use in marine applications, in swimming-pools and in sanitary ware manufacture. It can be applied by spraying, brush or roller.


PRODUCT Use Chemical Type Version Viscosity Gel Time Exothermic Peak Styrene Content HDT Barcol Minimum order
H08E Gelcoat with excellent resistance to UV radiation and weather. Available in a wide range of colours and in topcoat version   Outdoor Use/Sanitary Ware/Marine Applications/Swimming-Pools IN S, R, P 1000-14000 7-17 - - 85 45 25
H58E Gelcoat developed for use on small or medium-sized articles. Available in RAL K7 colours and in topcoat version Outdoor/Marine Uses, tintometer IN S, P 4000-14000 7-17 - - 85 45 25
H08LS Gelcoat with low styrene content. Resistance to weather and yellowing superior to H08/H58 series. Available in white Outdoor/Marine Uses IN S, P 5000-16000 7-17 - - 75 50 25

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LR = Prodotti certificati Lloyd’s Register


Cod. Description
S Spray
P Brush
R Roller
Measure Unit
Dimension Description
Viscosity mPas
Gel time minutes
Exothermic Peak °C
Styrene Content %
Cod. Description
A With Mould releaser
P Topcoat
Z Standard
S Without fiber
C Chopped strand
M Milled fiber
Chemical Nature
Cod. Description
O Orthoftalic
I Isophtalic
IN Iso – Npg
IO Iso – Ortho
OD Ortho – DCPD
VE Vinylester