Isothermic panel resins.

Resins designed for use in panel manufacture, intended to improve the thermal insulation of a material to which they are bonded. The special chemical composition provides good reactivity, compatibility with glass fibres and rapid disaeration. Suitable for “vacuum bag” or hot press processes.


PRODUCT Application Chemical Type Version Viscosity Gel Time Exothermic Peak Styrene Content HDT Barcol Minimum order
HF100A Pre-accelerated polyester resin. With low viscosity and long gel time VB O R 250-450 45-58 150-175 34-39 70 45 250
HF102A Pre-accelerated polyester resin.  X variant for hot press production processes VB, HP O X 380-500 40-70 130-180 32-38 70 45 250
HF705A Pre-accelerated polyester resin. With low viscosity and long gel time VB OD R 250-500 45-50 160-180 28-32 75 45 250

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LR = Prodotti certificati Lloyd’s Register


Cod. Description
S Spray
R Roller
H Brush
HLU Manual lamination
I Infusion
C Casting
VB Bag
HP Hot Plate
PU Pultrusion
FW Filament winding
T Hopper
Dimension Description
E Low emissions
P Pigmented
B Without catalysis indicator
L Low exothermic peak
R Low viscosity
Z Low styrene content
S UV stabilised
F Flexibilised
V High viscosity
X Special additive
Chemical Nature
Cod. Description
O Orthoftalic
I Isophtalic
IN Iso-Npg
IO Iso-Ortho
VE Vinylester
Measure Unit
Dimension Description
Viscosity mPas
Gel time minutes
Exothermic Peak °C
Styrene Content %