Marine resins.

Resins designed for use in all sectors of use of fiberglass and for boatbuilding in particular. The range comprises a variety of kinds of product of different chemical type and with different reactivity. They can therefore be used for constructing craft from small boats or kayaks up to medium-large vessels. Products with Lloyd’s Register type approval are also available. 


PRODUCT Application Chemical Type Version Viscosity Gel Time Exothermic Peak Styrene Content HDT Barcol Minimum order
HA184TPR Pre-accelerated thixotropic polyester resin. Suitable for general purposes (LR only in TPR version) HLU O E, P 500-780 8-35 175-200 41-46 72 45 -
HN306TA (Techno-G) Pre-accelerated thixotropic polyester resin. Ideal for thick lamination (LR only in TA and TAZ versions) HLU I Z 500-750 13-45 110-135 31-45 76 40 -
HN380TA Pre-accelerated thixotropic polyester resin. High reactivity (LR only in TA and TAX versions) HLU I X, V, Z 500-900 13-40 185-215 41-51 85 40 -
HA165TAX Pre-accelerated thixotropic polyester resin. Neutral colour (LR only in TAX and TAEX versions) HLU O E 550-700 8-35 175-200 41-45 70 45 3000
HN800TA (Techno-G) Pre-accelerated thixotropic modified vinylester resin. With low shrinkage and low styrene content (LR)  HLU Modified VE - 450-550 27-35 155-175 29-33 105 48 -
HN390TAX (Techno-G) Pre-accelerated thixotropic modified polyester resin with low styrene content. Laminating resin HLU I V, Z 550-700 13-40 185-215 28-32 75 40 3000

I prodotti riportati in verde si riferiscono alla linea TECHNO-G
LR = Prodotti certificati Lloyd’s Register


Cod. Description
S Spray
R Roller
H Brush
HLU Manual lamination
I Infusion
C Casting
VB Bag
HP Hot Plate
PU Pultrusion
FW Filament winding
T Hopper
Dimension Description
E Low emissions
P Pigmented
B Without catalysis indicator
L Low exothermic peak
R Low viscosity
Z Low styrene content
S UV stabilised
F Flexibilised
V High viscosity
X Special additive
Chemical Nature
Cod. Description
O Orthoftalic
I Isophtalic
IN Iso-Npg
IO Iso-Ortho
VE Vinylester
Measure Unit
Dimension Description
Viscosity mPas
Gel time minutes
Exothermic Peak °C
Styrene Content %