Mould gelcoats.

Isophthalic (H09) or novolac vinylester resin-base (H13) gelcoats. Easy to apply, H09 greatly reduces the risk of micro-bubbles on the surface and provides an intense shine, good gloss retention and good mechanical characteristics. H13 offers excellent shine and gloss retention and outstanding resistance to styrene attack. Suitable for standard applications (H09), for medium/large pieces, or intensive applications (H13) with a large number of moulded article production cycles. 


PRODUCT Use Chemical Type Version Viscosity Gel Time Exothermic Peak Styrene Content HDT Barcol Minimum order
H09E Mould gelcoat available in green, orange and black and in clear version  Moulds I S, P 3500-15000 7-17 - - 90 45 25
H13E Mould gelcoat available in green colour Moulds VE S, P 4400-13000 10-20 - - 110 45 25


Cod. Description
S Spray
P Brush
R Roller
Measure Unit
Dimension Description
Viscosity mPas
Gel time minutes
Exothermic Peak °C
Styrene Content %
Cod. Description
A With Mould releaser
P Topcoat
Z Standard
S Without fiber
C Chopped strand
M Milled fiber
Chemical Nature
Cod. Description
O Orthoftalic
I Isophtalic
IN Iso – Npg
IO Iso – Ortho
OD Ortho – DCPD
VE Vinylester