Easymould System.

System designed for the production of excellent quality moulds, saving time, labour and costs. It comprises three phases, with various options available for each:

  • Gelcoat
  • Skin coat/Barrier coat
  • Mould structure

EASYMOULD SYSTEMS for mould production involve first the application of a gelcoat to give the mould an excellent appearance, strong shine and strength, followed by a skincoat or barrier coat, necessary to improve the finished article’s final appearance and durability over time, and finally a resin, which constitutes the body of the mould and is able to produce thicknesses of 15-20 mm with a single wet-on-wet application. The choice of these components depends on the technical, appearance and performance qualities required, so customers are advised to contact the Technogel Technical Service for the technical information needed to create an efficient, high-performance production system.


PRODUCT Use Chemical Type Version Viscosity Gel Time Exothermic Peak Styrene Content HDT Barcol Minimum order
H09E Product details: click here Gelcoat I S, P 3500-15000 7-17 - - 90 45 -
H13E Product details: click here Gelcoat VE S, P 4400-13000 10-20 - - 120 45 25
HN800TA Product details: click here Skin Coat VE HLU 450-550 27-35 155-175 29-33 105 45 -
M08S Product details: click here Barrier coat IN S 2400-3600 12-20 - - 55 - 150
R918A0000G40 Product details: click here  Structure - S, HLU 900-1100 32-42 - 29-33 83 45 -
R933A Product details: click here  Structure - S, HLU 1400-1600 25-40 - 25-29 80 45 -