General purpose gelcoats


General purpose gelcoats. ORTHO or Iso-ORTHO gelcoats for producing articles for different intended uses, depending on the technical characteristics required. They provide good resistance to UV radiation, while [...]

Easymould System


Easymould System. System designed for the production of excellent quality moulds, saving time, labour and costs. It comprises three phases, with various options available for each: Gelcoat Skin [...]

Special gelcoats


Special gelcoats. Gelcoats formulated for various production sectors, specifically: Designed for lamination with epoxy resins, with good adhesion Designed for direct use on polystyrene, for indoor use only [...]

Self-extinguishing gelcoats


Self-extinguishing gelcoats. Ready-to-use filled gelcoats designed to provide good self-extinguishing properties if used in combination with Firecare range self-extinguishing resins. A complete solution free from halogens and antimony, for [...]

Mould gelcoats


Mould gelcoats. Isophthalic (H09) or novolac vinylester resin-base (H13) gelcoats. Easy to apply, H09 greatly reduces the risk of micro-bubbles on the surface and provides an intense shine, good [...]

Sandable gelcoat


Sandable gelcoat. Sandable orthophthalic resin-base gelcoat. Suitable for the production of all composites which require finishing, for the coating of internal fiberglass parts (to protect laminated materials), for [...]

Mould resins


Mould resins. Resins designed for mould production are easily applied, ready-to-use solutions. They are ideal for the rapid creation of high quality moulds and thus for reducing the [...]

Flexibilizing resins


Flexibilizing resins. Flexibilizing resins, for use in blends, are designed to improve the end product’s flexibility without reducing its quality. These solutions can provide a high degree of [...]

Self-extinguishing resins


Self-extinguishing resins. These are ready-to-use resins containing fillers, designed to provide good self-extinguishing properties. Completely free from halogens and antimony, they have chemical and physical characteristics that ensure [...]

Filament Winding Resins


Filament Winding Resins. Resins specifically formulated for filament winding production processes, such as the manufacture of silos or tanks, have a unique chemical composition which ensures short setting [...]

Pultrusion resins


Pultrusion resins. Resins designed for pultrusion applications are highly specialised composites. They are used in the pultrusion process for the production of fibre-reinforced composite profiles, including rods, tubes [...]

Isothermic panel resins


Isothermic panel resins. Resins designed for use in panel manufacture, intended to improve the thermal insulation of a material to which they are bonded. The special chemical composition [...]

RTM – Infusion resins


RTM - Infusion resins. Resins designed for injection and infusion applications. The special chemical composition and low viscosity provide good reactivity and flow speed, compatibility with glass fibres [...]

Button resins


Button resins. Button resins are versatile materials used for the manufacture of garment buttons. These colourless resins can be coloured to requirements, providing a vast range of shades [...]

Abrasives resins


Abrasives resins. Resins for this purpose must be tough and suitable for the production of abrasive tools for marble working. They are resins with a unique chemical composition [...]

Statue and inclusion resins


Statue and inclusion resins. Casting resins intended for the production of ornaments in general, such as statues or souvenirs. Their special chemical composition provides good compatibility with mineral fillers. Highly [...]

Synthetic marble resins


Synthetic marble resins. Synthetic marble resins are fundamental for the creation of durable surfaces with an attractive appearance. Mixed with powdered marble, these resins enable the manufacture of [...]

Sanitary ware resins.


Sanitary ware resins. Resins for the manufacture of sanitary ware offer the very best in durability and design. These advanced materials enable the creation of high quality products [...]

Marine resins


Marine resins. Resins designed for use in all sectors of use of fiberglass and for boatbuilding in particular. The range comprises a variety of kinds of product of [...]

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